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As we have gotten closer to finishing this enormous project, I decided that proper documentation was needed.
As I pulled these pictures from the camera, I realized how much we have accomplished. WOW.

Join Us Wont You?!?

This is what the property looked like when we visited it in July of 2006. Can you believe we actually bought this place? HA HA HA!
None of the furniture or "decor" is ours. This was at the first showing of the place.

SOOOOOO overgrown and unkempt. Fences EVERYWHERE.

Ha ha ha ... can you say 70's??

This is one of the rooms in the basement. We converted this into an "apartment" and it is where I have worked and we have lived for the last year.
There are also 2 bedrooms, an office, utility room and full bath downstairs.

Front Room as it was.

Patio Room

What a lovely kitchen... ughhhhhh.

Front of the house

Double drive so overgrown, the junipers scraped a car driving down it.

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